BEPART: Assembly

Sholto Dobie, Hoolie-gool-oo-oo (2018) SSW x Counterflows Residency. Photo: Erika Stevenson

From 18 – 22 May 2021, tune in to Lumsden Live, a community radio station on FM channels in Lumsden and online across the world!

Lumsden Live forms the first international Assembly for the European BEPART project. It is a platform for people in Lumsden and the surrounding areas to explore power, through our knowledge and experiences of living and working here. Together we will use this knowledge to imagine and practice futures for our community at this critical moment in time.

Important questions include: how can we organise and sustain community action? How can we work and live collectively? How can we rethink how we are governed and how do we put care at the centre of this?

To explore these questions, we will hear from people who live, organise and support communities in the area. They will come together with voices of people from across the globe who have developed alternative community-led initiatives, often rising from crisis. We will hear how their structures work, how they work together and how their governance relates to place, context and need. We will look closely at what is here in Lumsden and how this is connected internationally, to find possibilities for futures that are fairer, open and more joyful.

Lumsden Live is programmed, produced and hosted collectively by a small team, including members of Lumsden community, SSW staff and radio artist Mark Vernon. There will be lots of opportunities for people in Lumdsen and across the BEPART network to share their perspectives, opinions and ideas either live on air or as pre-recorded shows – we’ll be shouting out with ways to get involved in April 2021.

Running in parallel to the Lumsden Live programme the BEPART Critical Network, Marwa Arsanios, Lotte van den Berg, Roland Gunst and Fanny Robles, will be working with BEPART stakeholders to develop a first iteration of a ‘Protocol’ driven by their exploration of the ethics of participation. The Critical Network will present the first manifestation of the protocol on the Lumsden Live station at the end of the week.

The BEPART Assemblies are shared moments of collective questioning across the BEPART project (short for BEyond PARTicipation). Each year the Assembly is hosted by a different partner in the network, focusing on a different theme relating to participation in the arts. This Assembly has a focus on Power.

The BEPART project is made possible with the support of the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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