Bronze – Intensive course

This five day intensive course will cover a range of methods and techniques used in the metal casting process including:

Rubber and plaster mould making
Wax working
Running systems
Sand casting techniques
Ceramic shell casting process
Finishing and fettling of the bronze cast
Basic patina

At the end of the course participants will have a greater understanding of these multiple working processes which will have been developed through intensive hands on experience including assisting with the bronze pours.

Participants should bring small objects or items of interest with them for discussion and casting if suitable.

The course costs cover tuition, materials, consumables and full foundry personal protective equipment (PPE) will be provided.

Course Content:
Full breakdown of activities, processes and demos

  • Day 1 – Induction to workshop rules and guidelines for personal protection and safety
  • Initial ideas discussed and designs of moulds planned
  • Mould making begins
  • Day 2- Mould making continues.
  • Introduction to wax working and development of pieces
  • Introduction to ceramic shell process
  • Day 3 – Ceramic shell process continues
  • Sand casting demonstration and mould making
  • Day 4 – Moulds finished and prepared for pouring
  • Induction into bronze pour process
  • Day 5 – Preparation of furnace and participants for bronze pour
  • Participation in pour
  • Opening of all moulds
  • Removal of the running system and finishing of the bronze cast
  • Full technical direction and supervision throughout

Bronze – Intensive five day course

Course Leader:​ Eden Jolly, SSW Senior Technician
Places:​ 5 (Beginners +)
Cost:​ £450 or £550 including five night’s accommodation
​Course 1: Monday 10th​ ​to Friday 14th September 2018
Course 2: Monday 1st to Friday 5th April 2019

Time​ 9.30am – 5pm

Booking: Call 01464 861372 or email admin@ssw.org.uk

Flexible mould making materials, plaster, foundry wax, plasticine, resin bonded sand, ceramic shell, bronze and all other consumable materials are inclusive in the course costs.

Additional Information:
Some people can be sensitive to some of the materials used in the various processes, full PPE will be provided however if you have had any reactions to substances such as silica, oil based compounds, plaster of Paris etc. then please advise us beforehand. If you have any questions or concerns in this area please contact us at admin@ssw.org.uk .

Warm work clothes must be worn. Overalls, steel toecap boots and personal protection equipment will be provided and must be worn as directed, at all times. (Please bring your own steel toecap boots, overalls or fine particle masks if owned)

*Self – catering accommodation so remember to bring food, basic provisions can be bought at the village garage.

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