Calman ArtWorks: Call for Artists 2012

Young people working with Calman Trust are looking for an inspiring professional artist who has the ability to work with them to create ArtWorks’ second annual event in Inverness in 2012.

What is Calman?
Calman Trust works alongside young people in the Inverness area who are making the transition to independence, and supports them in developing the skills and confidence needed to live a fulfilled and meaningful life. Calman offers housing support and employment focussed training, which will be tailored to enable ArtWorks to integrate into the existing Calman provision.

Calman has secured funding from the Inspiring Communities strand of Creative Scotland supported by the National Lottery to develop a yearly event of high quality creative work to be developed, created and run by young people working in partnership with artists and the Calman team. Their participation will inspire and promote personal development and life chances and open up new opportunity.  We are seeking a professional artist who ideally has experience of successfully working with young people who have limited experience of involvement in creative activities.

The artist will work collaboratively with young people to develop the vision, theme, content and design of this year’s event. Young people will be involved across all areas of the project including project direction, creation, PR and marketing. This is the second year of three years of funding.

How to apply:
Please send a CV and up to 6 images of your work, along with your response to the following four questions (no more than 200 words each) to Ferga Perry before 9am on Monday 19th December.

  • How would you ensure that participants felt ownership of the project?
  • What would young people get out of the project in terms of learning and skills development if they were to work with you? How would they develop personally?
  • What is your experience of delivering a project made up of component parts or different groups?
  • How would you plan ahead and define roles into which the project could be divided?

9am Monday 19th Dec ‘11- Applications to submitted by email or post
20th Dec ‘11- Notification of artists selected for interview
Week commencing 9th Jan ‘12- Interviews in Inverness which will involve leading a workshop with young people

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact Ferga Perry, Inspiring Arts Coordinator at
Calman Trust
17a Hilton Village
Oldtown Road

01436 248630
07841 504246


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