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five dancers lean to look at the sky on a heather covered hillsideImage: Beth Chalmers

How The Earth Must See Itself

“So there I lie … between the fire of the rock and the fire of the sun, scree, soil and water, moss, grass, flower and tree, insect, bird and beast, wind, rain and snow – the total mountain.” — Nan Shepherd, The Living Mountain How The Earth Must See Itself is a new short film project conceived and developed by Simone Kenyon and Lucy Cash. It is created in response to the Into The Mountain performances and takes inspiration from […]

Programme and Communications Internship: Camille Biddell

One month into my internship at SSW, here are some snapshots of life in Lumsden. Time passes strangely – 4 weeks isn’t so long but the start feels a long time ago. Life has a different pace and is punctuated with memorable moments…. Driving up from the south, the roads get quieter and quieter, hills rise slowly and the sun spreads copper warmth on gentle peaks Watching molten bronze pour into molds Stealing sunny moments to swim in the river, […]

A dot of light is caught on the palm of an open handImage: Yvette Bathgate, Summer Residency 2018.

OPEN CALL: SGSAH Researcher in Residence

Deadline for applications: Monday 16 September 2019 The ecological crisis demands more, rather than less, attention to material processes that constitute our world – in ways that build upon but push beyond existing political-economic frames – (Carr, 2016)[1] Makers work in a world that does not stand still – (Ingold 2010)[2] We are much better at admitting that humans infect nature than we are at admitting that non-humanity infects culture, for the latter entails the blasphemous idea that nonhumans—trash, bacteria, […]

Into The Mountain traineeships

Into The Mountain Traineeships

Deadline for applications: Friday 21 June 2019, 12 noon We are inviting applications for two Into The Mountain Traineeships, delivered in partnership with Mountaineering Scotland and Into The Mountain. The traineeship offers a package of training and support to mark out a practical route for women to overcome some of the social and practical barriers facing them in accessing Scotland’s mountainous landscapes. This exciting new collaboration is born out of a commitment to support more women to access the hills […]

DIY: SWEAT: Edythe WooleyImage courtesy the artist

OPEN CALL: DIY16: 2019 — SWEAT: the sky leaks I leak

Deadline for applications: Thursday 20 June, 2pm Dates: Thursday 17 October — Monday 21 October 2019 Honing in on sweating as a bodily function and as a process found in nature, this DIY conceived and led by artist Edythe Woolley will cultivate an embodied practice of dyke/queer resistance through observing and experiencing the act of sweating. Over 3 days at Scottish Sculpture Workshop, we will consider collective sweat. Through sauna sittings, impulse writings, long walks, nature observations, deep thinking, and […]

A group of people sit talking around the SSW firepit under blue skiesNaomi Pearce, Nine Parts Navvy (2018)

Open Call: Programme & Communications Internship

Deadline for applications: Monday 13 May 2019, 12 noon We are inviting applications for our Programme and Communications Internship, which will run from from Monday 29 July — Monday 7 October 2019. This programme provides hands on learning for people interested in developing a knowledge of working in the arts with particular focus on arts administration, communications, programme development, planning and delivery, with and for artists. As the Programme and Communications Intern, you will be providing support to the SSW […]

Amy Pickles at the top of the Buck. Photo: SSW

Winter Residency 2019: February

In February, we welcomed Laura Hindmarsh, Anna Mitterer, Amy Pickles, Hannah Rowan and Christopher Taylor to our second winter residency of 2019. Responding to our call out which considered the multiple experiences, divergent thought and communal entanglements that exist at SSW in relation to our archive and documentation in our 40th year, all artists had an interest in oral histories, speculative narration, making kin and becoming with each other. The programme of activity, which included studio visits, saunas and reading groups, […]

Image of Lumsden landscape

Notes on the Archive

Some facts: Scottish Sculpture Workshop is located in the rural village of Lumsden in the parish of Auchindoir, about an hour’s drive from Aberdeen. Less than 400 people live in the houses flanking its main street, small lanes and surrounding fields. Founded in 1979 by sculptor Fred Bushe, the workshop’s buildings occupy a site previously the location of a bakery. Originally established in 1840s, the bakery closed in early 1970s remaining vacant for a few years before Bushe began renting […]

Ceramic Shell Room at SSW

Open Access

Make use of SSW facilities at any time with Open Access. Offered on a ‘Production’ or ‘Research’ basis, with non-residential rates also available, Open Access is available to any artist, maker or individual wishing to develop a project, fabricate work or spend time with their practice. Production Open Access is fully supported by our technical team who will offer bespoke guidance and training as required to enable you to make use of our wood and metal workshops, foundry, wax and […]