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Pulled Pork, Fire Oven Pizza, and Helen Mirren a no-show.

If the Queen did make a trip to the Lumsden Bothy none of us caught sight of her. A long drizzling day made our planned evening BBQ look like a wash-out, but weather got good in the end.Pizza + Wood Fired Bake Oven = Damn good. I put on a pot of slow-cooked pulled pork in the ... Read More
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Only Two Days left...

It is hard to believe there are only two days remaining in the residency. Somehow the last four weeks have become such a pleasant routine that it is hard to imagine what I'm going back to.Last night Ginny made a damn fine Scottish meal of soda bread, kedgerie, short bread, and whiskey ... Read More
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Tap o'Noth

Despite all being a bit hungover from the excellent BBQ the night before we managed a Sunday afternoon trek up the Tap o'Noth. Lois, Bridget, Lindsay, Naomi and myself made the climb fro car park and back in 2 hours, a bit shy of the 35 minutes time set by the hill racers the day before.At ... Read More
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Stan's sculpture.

During the BBQ last Saturday Hilary's son Stan whipped off what is perhaps the best sculpture of the week. A pile of plop, somewhere between poo and vomit, is piled onto a curved piece of scrap metal. A delight, one that managed to make everyone gasp, and ensured that Stan had to wash his hands ... Read More
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