Ceramics by the Seashore

Wednesday, 23rd 2012f May, 2012

Paper Kiln @ Coast Festival 2012

Ceramics by the Seashore  - Paper Kiln Firing

Scottish Sculpture Workshop (SSW) and Gray’s School of Art are coming together for COAST Festival 2012, in the first of a number of collaborative projects over the next year.

Artists in Residence and staff at SSW will be working with students and staff from Gray’s School of Art on the grounds of Banff Castle, building and firing a ceramic kiln constructed from paper. Items created by the artists, students and participants of workshops led by Nic Whitehouse the week before the Festival will all be fired. 

These types of kilns are an interesting and exciting alternative to other smoke/woodfire ceramic techniques. The paper kiln process begins when the dried ceramic objects are placed in a bed of sawdust and kindling. A tepee frame is then built up around them and covered in magazine pages dipped in a clay liquid. Once this is complete the fire will be lit and the kiln will be placed over it. At this point the kiln can become extremely smokey, although it should die down after an hour and a half to two hours. Salt and sugar, known to produce reduction glaze effects (through reactions with the clay), will be put into the kiln before it is sealed and left overnight. The kiln will be cut open the next morning and left to cool before extracting the finished pieces of work.

Many hands make light work, and all are welcome to join in with the kiln building on Saturday – although beware of getting your hands dirty!


Paper Kiln Schedule

Saturday 26 March

11am: Preparation begins

Midday: Paper kiln building commences

2.00pm: Fire is lit

3pm: Paper kiln is placed on a grate over the fire*

4pm: The grate is lowered to the fire plate and banked with sand

5pm: Reduction materials added

6pm: Kiln sealed

*Warning: at this point the kiln can be extremely smokey


Sunday 27 March

11am: The kiln is cut open and the work will be put on display

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