It's All Go

It’s an exciting time here! SSW is full of energy with the arrival of the lovely NorthLands Glass Residents. The studio is filling up, with scatterings of brightly coloured glass samples, long rolls of wool, ceramic shells, maps and a full body skeleton (who we may need to dress up for Halloween).

We are saying goodbye to Ross today who will be remembered for slowly driving the staff here insane with his persistent moving of the cutlery drawers in the Bothy, but he does make a mean roast so you could say all is forgiven. It has been great having you here and thank you for the WEST!

Christine had a massive cook off in preparation for Saturday, and we are looking forward to sampling the fruit loaf (hopefully before then). Craig and myself will be adding to the sweet delights to be enjoyed with a nice cup of tea on the day – SATURDAY 15TH OCTOBER, GOODMAN’S CROFT – RADIO LAUNCH.

Looking forward to the Rhynie Radio Drama this evening.


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