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I poured the essence of Bowling.

PART3 The next few weeks were spent concentrating on work for the Lumsden Gala, in a way I was sort of avoiding the shield. I still went to the bowls on a Monday night. Each time I went I got better and better and found that I was growing in confidence and competitiveness, I was wanting to win ... Read More
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I had a moment, and not the chocolate kind.

PART ONE. A few months ago when I first arrived in Lumsden to do my residency I had no idea what I was going to do or make. I had never done a residency before. The feeling of being a full time artist was strange, surreal even, I am still not used to it even now towards the end of my time here. ... Read More
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I play with big Bowls, Size sevens.

PART2 On a separate matter I had found out that Lumsden had an indoor bowling club. They meet on a Monday night at 7pm in the village hall. I had an urge, an urge to go and try my hand at bowling. There was no ulterior motive, no hidden agenda I just thought it would be nice to get to know some ... Read More
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its casting time.....

due to overwhelming public demand i am promising here and now that i will update my journal at least once every week, thank you. its time tae get this shield aff my back an in tae some action on the front line. gonna speak tae eden the morra tae see whit the score is wae castin this ... Read More
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glasgow breakins

what is it wae some! think they can just kick yer door in an take yer stuff, mess yer hoose up an gae the wife a fright, well no me ye dodgy nugget... ye better hay eyes on the back o yer lookin fur ye. on a nicer note, the rocket folk got their finger oot an are in the ... Read More
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