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The SSW Nightshift residency marks the beginning of winter and brings us towards the end of our programming year. At this time we invite artists to reflect upon and make work pertaining to a particular theme.

The 2017/18 Nightshift Residency

This year sees the culmination of our five year EU programme Frontiers in Retreat which has explored sensitive ecological issues across Europe through:

  • Alternative modes of learning and knowing
  • Situated research
  • Multidisciplinary exchange
  • Community making
  • Consideration and care for all entities (human and non-human)

We invite Nightshift proposals to continue developing these approaches to ecology in contemporary art.

As part of the 2017 Frontiers in Retreat programme, artist Fernando Garcia-Dory completed his INLAND Scotland project with a Tenant Farmer Exchange Residency. We hosted Peter McMasters DIY 14 project Performing Landscapes: a 4-day retreat at SSW, exploring eco-centric approaches to performance making. And SSW presented Edge Effects in Glasgow; a programme of workshops, walks, film and performance that explores the complex co-dependencies between ecological, social, economic, and political phenomena.

During its first four years, the Frontiers network of remote residency spaces has strived to generate a more complex understanding of the entanglements unfolding between locally articulated ecological concerns and larger, systemic, global processes. As we enter our final year we are keen to expand the FiR network, create opportunities for further exploration and invite artists to SSW to contribute to this dialogue.

Artists applying for this residency programme should articulate an interest in working within this context whether it is a current focus in their work or an approach to making they would like to experiment with during the residency period. Either way we encourage artists to interpret the theme in a way that is relevant and beneficial to their own practice.

This residency is self-led but those selected to participate in the programme will come together through a series of events and activities to consider, discuss, and make works exploring this theme. The residency includes introductory presentations, bi-weekly studio critiques, film- screenings, sauna time and a reading group with texts curated around the current theme.

For further reading on the 5 year EU partnership project Frontiers in Retreat please visit the website: Frontiers in Retreat.



SSW is a making and thinking facility offering the time, space, support and facilities to artists from all backgrounds to develop their practice, with an emphasis on experimentation and exploration of sculpture within the expanded field. Although our facilities and workshops are mainly equipped for sculptural practice and making, we encourage applications from artists working in any discipline including but not limited to: performance, sound, live art, drawing, painting, photography, writing, curatorial, participatory/socially engaged practice and sculpture.

Residency I: 20th November – 18th December
Residency II: 15th January – 12th February
Residency III: 19th February – 19th March

Duration: Each residency is 4 weeks

Criteria: ARTISTS OF ALL DISCIPLINES, five artist accepted per residency.

Cost: Residency costs are highly subsidised by SSW but artists pay £560 per 4 week residency

Application Deadline: 12 noon, 16th October 2017

Application: please submit the following

  •  SSW Application Cover Form
  • A cover letter stating your intent and reasons for applying to the programme, demonstrating an understanding and response to the location, critical programme and/or facilities. (500 words max.)
  • A short statement regarding your practice. (250 words max.)
  • Up to date resume/CV
  • A digital portfolio (4 – 6 work samples, e.g. images, text samples or links to online content)

All supporting documentation should be within one PDF document no larger than 6MB.

Applications should be emailed to Yvonne Billimore, Programme Manager at arts@ssw.org.uk, and should have the title of the residency programme in the subject heading.

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