DIY 2017 — 20

DIY14: Water Bodies, led by Zoe Czavda Redo, Tuuli Malla, Xavier Velastin (image: Rosie Lonsdale)

DIY is an opportunity for artists working in Live Art to conceive and run unusual research, training and professional development projects for themselves and other artists, supported by Live Art Development Agency.

SSW have participated in the DIY network since 2017. As a network we understand DIY is all about creating spaces to explore new ideas and test new methodologies. The DIY open call invites ideas for an exciting, innovative and idiosyncratic professional development project that offers something different and is geared to the eclectic and often unusual needs of artists whose practices are grounded in challenging and unconventional approaches, forms and concepts.


2019: DIY 16
SWEAT: the sky leaks I leak
Edythe Woolley

Honing in on sweating as a bodily function and as a process found in nature, this DIY conceived and led by artist Edythe Woolley cultivated an embodied practice of dyke/queer resistance through observing and experiencing the act of sweating.

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2018 : DIY 15
How do we DEAL and how do we do better/do US?
Project O

We are trying to notice, listen and find ways to speak about when, why and how certain artistic spaces and discourses aimed at fostering ‘togetherness’ encourage positions of over-exposure without protection, or cast roles of disruptors that disempower when the misnamed disruption then becomes a viable commodity for institutions who think that intersectionality is a tick box and not a tool for deconstructing systems…

What action can we take in internal and external (group) organising? When does critique mobilise towards change and enhanced abilities for perceiving structures, and when is it a tool for continued oppression? How do we survive our ambivalence and own complicities?

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2017: DIY 14
Performing Landscapes
Peter McMaster

Performing Landscape considered co-centric approaches to performance making, enquiring into the potential for the landscape to be seen as collaborator in performance making practice. How can we shift the perspective from ourselves to ourselves with ‘other’ when it comes to being an artist? How far can this definition of ‘other’ extend? How can our approach be influenced by the nature of a river system? What can a nesting pair of birds tell us about collaboration, and what do we see of ourselves in all of this?

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DIY partners 2020: Artsadmin (London), Artshouse Jersey (Jersey), Cambridge Junction (Cambridge), Chapter (Cardiff), Colchester Arts Centre (Colchester), Compass Live Art (Leeds), hÅb (Manchester), Fermyn Woods (Kettering), Folkestone Fringe (Folkestone), Heart of Glass (St Helens), HOME Manchester (Manchester), ICA (London), Ideas Test (Kent), Metal Peterborough (Peterborough), Museum of London (London), National Theatre (London), Norwich Arts Centre (Norwich), Sick of the Fringe (London), Something To Aim For (London), Scottish Sculpture Workshop (Aberdeenshire), The Place (Bedford), Wellcome Collection (London), LADA (London)

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