Edge Effects Reading Groups

Edge Effects Reading Groups; a series of reading groups led by invited artists responding to and activating the SSW Edge Effects library. 

The Edge Effects Library is a collection of resources that has been curated by artists and arts workers who have been involved in Frontiers in Retreat, a five-year collaboration project that fosters multidisciplinary dialogue on urgent ecological questions throughout Europe. It has previously been exhibited and activated through SSW’s Edge Effects programme at CCA Glasgow and in Lumsden, and as part of HIiAP’s Edge Effects Active Earth at Sejon Arts Centre Seoul. The Edge Effects Library now sits as a unique collection within SSW’s wider library and offers resident artists and local community access to this rich resource.

From December to March, SSW will host a series of reading groups, which aim to expand the ways that we engage in the critical discourses of arts and ecology. Each session will be led by an invited practitioner, who will use the Edge Effects library as a starting point to create a specially formatted reading group.

Leading the reading groups are Support Structures, Barry Sykes and Mele Broomes. The reading groups will be intimate so please ensure you book in advance if you would like to take part, to book please contact yvonne@ssw.org.uk.

Artists Barry Sykes and Mele Broomes will also be presenting their own practices through our Public Talks programme the evenings before their reading groups. The public talks are open to all and will be accompanied by a simple soup and plenty of time is given to discuss and chat afterwards.


Support Structures
Reading group, Date: 11 December 6pm – 8pm*

Further details and link to text here.


Barry Sykes
Reading Group, Date: Saturday 27 January,  12.30pm
Public Talk, Date: Friday 26 January, 7.00pm- 8.30pm
(Light Supper from 7.00pm, talk starts 7.30pm)Further details and link to text here.

Mele Broomes

Reading Group, Date: Saturday 10 March,  11.00am – 1.30pm
(Movement class starts 11.00am. Light lunch from 12.30)
Public Talk, Date: Friday 9 March, 7.00pm- 8.30pm
(Light Supper from 7.00pm, talk starts 7.30pm)
Further details and link to text here.


The Edge Effects library is made up of a series of reading lists selected by:

Brett Bloom and Ximena Alarcon
Mele Broomes

Taru Elfving
HIAP (Helsinki International Artist Programme)
Interfaces for Empathy
Mari Keski-Korsu

Peter McMaster

Richard Skelton

Scottish Sculpture Workshop

This library is shape shifting, evolving and open to suggestions for its development. Through it we aim to find ways to question knowledge hierarchy, find ways to embed lived and felt experience into it and inspire new learning experiences.


Edge Effects marks the conclusion of the five year Frontier in Retreat programme and is presented through a series of eight satellite exhibitions taking place at Frontier in Retreat partner sites across Europe between July and December 2017 and in Seoul in 2018.

Frontiers In Retreat is organised by HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme in partnership with Mustarinda, Finland; Scottish Sculpture Workshop, Scotland; Interdisciplinary Art Group SERDE, Latvia; Cultural Front -GRAD, Serbia; Centre d’Art i Natura de Farrera, Spain; Skaftfell – Centre for Visual Art, Iceland; and Jutempus, Lithuania.

For more information on these visit: Frontiers in Retreat: Edge Effects

Frontiers in Retreat is funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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