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Wednesday,23rd March 2011

We had a great response from the Lumsdenites who braved the blizzards on sunday and attended en mass our open day where they blethered, supped tea, munched shortbread (kindly donated by Deans of Huntly), and planned future events for the community room.  Next day It was geat to read the supportive comments and suggestions that they left behind. Thanks to all who attended and to fellow co-workers, Christine, Kelly, Sue and Nuno who sacrificed yet another weekend to the mythical toil.

Congrats of course are due to Nuno and Sophia and a sculpture workshop welcome to the wee man, A.K.A. Nunior, Mini he, New-no etc, let's hope for both parents and neighbours that the newborn hasn't inherited his fathers ability to speak and breathe at the same time.

The birth of the first child is a milestone in your life. I remember when my No 1 child was born, although I am a bit vague on some of the details, the birth weight, the time, the location and the date for that matter, but a milestone all the same. Another one that springs to mind was my 29th birthday, a day that meant that I had been drinking in pubs for more than half my entire life. In an unguarded moment Nuno let slip a particularly memorable date for him, April 12th 2005, the last time he saw his feet whilst standing still.


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