Update on Work at the Radio

Well I thought I would come and say hello my name is Craig working with Rocca Gutteridge on Goodman’s Croft – Radio Lumsden – this is a very exciting project.  We have both been busy working on how this station is going to be built and how it’s going to work not just for the 7 weeks that me and Rocca are around, but for the future.

If you look at the above picture, you can see an old style radio receiver.  We’re planning on building  the modern equivalent but with a twist, it’s going to be on wheels.   That’s right, a modern internet radio station that can be pushed around the town of Lumsden with the look of an old classic beauty. 

Building has begun and we’re also preparing ideas for the material, content, shows and projects we’ll be showcasing. Already my years in community media are proving how quickly you can build a brilliant network of people and projects even in just the early days of setting up a station.   Couple of days ago we popped into see Shmu Fm in Aberdeen a brilliant connective place for both advise and support.

So I’m here for the next few weeks and if you’re in the area of the Scottish Sculpture Workshop come and visit us both and we fill you in with all the  details.

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