We started the build

Well everyone, all the equipment has arrived and we have started to create the radio station. With the help of Eden, Bridget and Ben we started to cut wood and make the station. Its all top secret at the moment so pictures will be posted in time for the launch; but what I can say is its looking great and they’re all working really hard!

And me, well I started soldering and wiring up. The picture shows them cooling in the¬†beautiful sun which we are having up here, just for anyone who says Scotland doesn’t get nice weather.We also started testing the broadcasting equipment; been on air for about 12 hours and all is looking good. I love the way its like a private station just now as I am the only one who can hear it out of the office but all looking good for the launch.

Speaking of the launch, the days are ticking down, 21 to go! May I say we are all looking forward to it here, plans are a foot and the excitement is building. If you are in a band and are interested in being involved in the launch email us at the station on radio@goodmanscroft.org.

Plus, this week is going to be very busy with a new member to the radio team, Jules, who is joining us for a week to help with community engagement but I’ll leave that to her to inform you more about this.


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