Welding – Metal Art Technical Course

This week at SSW Bob Johnson has been hosting a Welding – Metal art course for beginners which has seen the emergence of some really beautiful work.

Ciaran Porter from GSA used components of an old typewriter to make delicate organic forms which spell out the word dyslexia – a condition under which, some of those who suffer from, often tend to have increased awareness of interstitial forms and spatial surroundings, which the piece illustrates beautifully.

Cat Reid, also from GSA, has been busily working on more minimal angular forms, while experimenting with different ways in which metal can be manipulated.

Anne Finn has been getting to grips with plasma cutting, while Aberdeen-based artist Louise Foreman, who is about to enter first year at Gray’s School of Art, used the time to create an eye-shaped lamp to hold a candle holder, utilising a range of different metals to create subtle contrasts in tone while maintaining a harmonious fluidity in form.

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