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SSW encourages artists to work from an embedded position within the landscape (to dwell), and part of this will likely result in the sharing activities with our communities. We understand communities to be SSW artists and staff, residents of Lumsden, local groups or audiences, all of them or none of them.


SSW has a small budget to support activities, and where possible, staff assistance and materials. Artists wishing to engage in this way and looking for support should speak to the Director or Programme Manager.

Past activites have included life drawing and still life drawing workshops, ceramic pit fires, Unravel – a workshop based on the Alexander Technique, Pizza Evo 2.4, The Strong Man Games and many more.

The Lumsden community (www.lumsdenvillage.net) has regular events in the Village Hall, including cinema evenings, performances and Fairs. They also post out regular newsletters and activities through their group Lumsden Events. SSW also has networks across various local communities, from local farmers to academia.

As a small village, participation in activities can vary – it is extremely dependent on personal engagement, the type of activity, the people you wish to connect with, and even the weather!





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