Bronze Casting Course

SSW’s foundry was built in 1994, and has remained a teaching foundry throughout. Residents and course participants are able to undertake every step of the casting process themselves, from the creation of patterns to pouring and finishing the completed work, with supervision and assistance from our technician.

This course provides an introduction to higher temperature metals utilising resin-bonded sand and/or ceramic shell as a casting medium. Participants will also have an opportunity to learn a more complex process using ceramic shell. The course group is kept to 4 – 5 students maximum, to ensure that each participant receives individual instruction time.

The participants will learn about coring moulds and correct use of running systems. The finished mould will be poured with bronze and participants will be shown methods of fettling and chasing the cast work to the desired finish. There will also be a demonstration on the use of patina’s and the correct application for this to achieve the desired finish and colour for each bronze.

Participants will need to bring one simple object to be cast (such as an apple), and one item with a more irregular shape. Participants should contact the course instructor (eden@ssw.org.uk or 01464 861372) to talk through the particular work that you would like to cast during the course, especially if you would like to tackle anything more complex.

Each participant will be able to make one or two small bronze pieces, of 8kg total. All materials are included in the course cost. If participants would like a larger materials allowance it is available for purchase.

Please note that each session will be delivered from 10 – 5pm with a break for lunch, but some days may run over due to the amount of work that needs to be completed within the time given.

Course: Bronze Casting

Next Course Dates: Programme for 2017 courses to be confirmed.

Duration: 7 days

Instructor: Eden Jolly

Level: Beginners+

Cost: £650  Residential, £565 Non Residential

To enquire further and reserve a place email arts@ssw.org.uk

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