Edge Effects: Support Structures Reading Group

Support Structures: A Reading Group, is organised by curator Caroline Gausden and artist Kirsty Russell. This is a newly established reading group based in Aberdeen. The group is a gathering together of different perspectives on the issue of support, which at the same time considers text as a shared basis for acting in the world. Following on from their previous reading on Celine Condorelli’s theoretical interest in friendship as a support structure, this reading group will approach the question of other possible types of companionship through a look at Donna Haraway’s Companion Species Manifesto.

In The companion Species Manifesto Haraway explores significant otherness by taking dog-human relationships seriously and works to demonstrate the importance of history through within nature-cultures by examining dog human worlds. She wishes to examine our evolutionary biology as a species by studying the other species that grow with us as our helpers, workers, threats/enemies and companion friends.

Edge Effects Reading Group 1: Support Structures
Reading group, Date: 11 December 6pm – 8pm*

The book can be found online at www.supportstructuresreadinggroup.tumblr.com 

Spaces are limited so please book in advance, to book please contact yvonne@ssw.org.uk.

*For the Support Structures Reading Group accommodation at SSW is available, please let us know if you would like accommodation at the time of booking.