SSW expands the possibilities of what sculpture can be – continuously working towards positive social and environmental change.


SSW is embedded in our rural location, with a global outlook and reach. Our artist residencies and locally focussed programmes are set up to rethink and push material and skills based learning, prioritising process and opening up our workshop space as a site where community, creativity and nourishment are a driving force in all that we do.


Transformative access
Time and space to make is transformative and should be accessible to all. We prioritise access across our site and programmes. We commit to work with partners, communities and professionals to ensure that barriers (physical, environmental and organisational) at SSW are identified and broken down.

Listen, learn and make change
SSW believes that we are all simultaneously learners and teachers and that learning is enabled by working together in a safe and supportive environment. As an organisation we actively work to listen, (un)learn and reimagine what is possible in resistance to dominant narratives.

Collaboration and skill sharing
We work together with collective aims and approaches, valuing the unique perspectives, lived experiences and skills that are held by those we work with. We are here to support artists and our local community and bring together their diverse knowledge and skills to create an open and empowering environment.

Respect and empowerment
Our collective learning makes us powerful! We want to empower each other to shape new visions for the world and believe that this is only possible with respect for ourselves, each other and the environment.

By upholding our core values, we create a respectful, compassionate and kind space for the benefit of all at SSW and beyond. If you notice anything happening at SSW which doesn’t seem in line with these values, please let us know. We can be reached at admin [at] ssw.org.uk.

Our location

We have been embedded in Lumsden in the north-east of Scotland since 1979.
Visit our ‘contact’ page for directions.