The SSW access* information was written by Laura Lulika based on a 9 day visit in June 2023 (and edited and updated by SSW July 2024).

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Introduction from Laura Lulika
I conducted an accessibility report for the entire SSW site during a 9 day visit in June 2023. This was my second visit. I stayed with my family, including my toddler and a care support worker, in the on-site accommodation. The first time I visited was in 2021 for a month in late August, early September, and I stayed in the off-site house accommodation with my family, baby and a care support worker.

During my most recent visit some of the workshops were closed including metalwork and woodwork and there were several new staff members just starting. This document reflects the shifting nature of SSW at this moment. I aim to give an honest reflection on the accessibility of the site for this period, how the space felt during the visit, as well as identifying possible barriers and offering recommendations.

Note on images: I sometimes use a wide-angle setting on my phone camera to be able to fit as much information in one image when it’s helpful, but it will distort the dimensions of spaces and objects slightly and won’t be an accurate representation of dimensions.

*We understand ‘access’ to be what you need to be able to participate at SSW comfortably and safely. These needs may be physical, for example different heights of workstations or access to quiet space. They may be cultural, for example connections with different groups or organisations in the area, or space for worship. Needs may include communication requirements (email, text, phone), translated documents or space for your family (bio/chosen), an ally, support worker or travel buddy to stay. These are just a few examples, and we encourage you to get in touch before you apply, to discuss what we can put in place to support your participation in residency.

We welcome access riders and/or informal conversations prior to taking part in the course, about what you need to work and live comfortably on site at SSW.

We welcome feedback on this information and will work with Laura to review its contents and formatting. Email your feedback to Programme Producer Jo arts@ssw.org.uk.