Information for visitors with child dependents

SSW welcomes visitors and residents with families and child dependents and can move furniture around to suit your sleeping arrangements. 

The Community Making Space on site at SSW, when not in use for workshops and community events, can be used as a family hang-out room/playroom and we can provide some soft mats and toys. 

You can choose which accommodation would suit your family best, between on-site accommodation and the off-site house accommodation. 

There is a park with a playground just across the road from the house, about 1 minute at a leisurely pace, or a 5 minute journey from the main SSW site at a leisurely pace. The park has step-free access. 

SSW is not a hazard-free space and children should be supervised at all times by a carer. 

Vehicles can drive suddenly into the courtyard and the drivers may not expect children to be playing there so please be aware when spending time outside at the main site. 

If your family member or child dependent would like to try out some of the activities and facilities at SSW please let us know in advance.

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