Community Making Space

Photo by Felicity Crawshaw

The Community Making Space is a flexible multipurpose space that was launched in 2022. It hosts a community events programme which can be found on the SSW website and posters in the window. It can also be used by residents with child dependents as a hang-out and play space. Soft mats, yoga mats and some toys are available to use. 

The space is accessible via the front on-street entrance through a door with an automatic door button, as well as through any other door into the main SSW building. Both entrances are step-free. The most accessible entrance is the on-street entrance.

There is a small kitchenette on one side of the room with two sinks, a kettle, fridge, cupboards and counters. On the other side of the room there are low cupboards containing craft materials. There is a small selection of books on display from the library on wall mounted shelves.

Flooring: Smooth lino in a neutral grey and beige stone effect.

Lighting: Soft natural lighting through the glass front windows. Suspended fluorescent strip lights which are softened with shade covers. The lights are very bright when switched on and could be a trigger for those affected by light sensitivity and migraines.

Seating: Wooden backless stools, plastic chairs with backs and no arms, bean bags, high backed bamboo armchairs with armrests and blankets, soft foam play mats and yoga mats.

Sensory Notes: Neutral decor, white and soft peach coloured walls, no noticeable patterns. Loud noises may be heard from the Artists’ Studio and Ceramic Studio down the hallway, as well as traffic from the main road such as loud passing tractors, lorries and motorbikes, as well as local dogs barking nearby. The door into the stairway landing and side entrance is very heavy and slams shut very loudly.  

Possible Barriers: The users of this space may leave objects on the floor or scattered around the space such as art materials, toys, mats, furniture or beanbags. The kitchenette is not adapted but there is a microwave, mugs and kettle set at a lower level.

Nearest Accessible Toilet: There is an accessible toilet up the short slope in one corner of the room and down the short hall, next to the entrance to the ceramic studio.

First Aid Kit location: On the right side of the main work surface.

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