Entrances and Car Park

SSW has one entrance for cars into the courtyard and several different possible entrances directly into the main building. The entrance for drivers is through a gate next to the main SSW building. Drivers can park in the courtyard.

The courtyard and surrounding paths of the building are uneven in places and can be rocky, grassy or overgrown in the warmer months and slippery in the Winter months, however de-icing salt is laid regularly. The paving outside of the Ceramic Studio is very smooth.

There is fire safety information across the entire SSW site, as well as extinguishers, and further information within the Welcome Pack and induction tour.

The main SSW building contains

  • Community Making Space with kitchenette
  • Ceramic Studio
  • Onsite Accommodation
  • SSW Main Office
  • Artists’ Studio and Library with a small adjoining Wellbeing Room
  • One accessible toilet with baby changing facilities, an alarm hand rails and one large toilet

The entrances into the main SSW building are:

  • Through the front on-street entrance into the Community Making Space. This entrance has an automatic door button and is step-free. This entrance is usually locked unless an event is scheduled and it may be necessary to use another entrance. The artist studios and ceramic studio can be accessed through the community space via the hallway.
  • A side entrance down a small alley to the right of the on-street entrance if you are looking directly at the building. The side entrance is down the alley and on the immediate left. This door is heavy and has a coded lock and a small turn latch and no door handle which can make the door tricky to pull open. It is 110cm wide with a slight wooden lip. This entrance takes you to a bottom landing of a stairway, with a heavy closed door into the community space on the left and stairs up to the on-site accommodation on the right. This entrance is step-free and the artist studios and ceramic studio can be accessed through the community space. The door has a push-bar on the inside to exit.
  • The entrance directly into the ceramic studio through the large double doors in the courtyard. This entrance is step-free. The doors are heavy and not automated and have a coded lock. The door has a push-bar on the inside to exit.
  • The courtyard entrance which leads directly into the Artists’ Studio North and Library. This door is next to the ceramic studio entrance. It is a step-free entrance through a heavy door. The door is not automated and has a coded lock. The door has a push-bar on the inside to exit.
  • There is an entrance with glass doors, next to the vehicle entrance gate in the courtyard, which leads to the SSW main office straight ahead. The Artists’ Studio and Library are through a coded locked door on the right and an accessible toilet with baby changing facilities on the left. This entrance is on a raised paved area which can be accessed from the main road up three steps with a rail on one side or via the courtyard up a short slope. The steps are on the left side of the Community Making Space if you are looking at it face on. This doorway is step-free, the door is heavy and not automated and has a code lock. The door width is 90cm and there is a small metal lip in the doorway to pass over. There is an additional 40cm doorway width available if the other side of the door is opened but it’s very stiff and needs the assistance of staff.
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