Announcing Ecologies in the Making: Sculpting Futures, 2024

Jere Vainio Portrait 2023

We are very pleased to announce that artist Jere Vainio has been awarded the 2024 Ecologies in the Making: Sculpting Futures Residency.

This four-month residency is the third in a four year programme developed by the Academy of Fine Arts Uniarts Helsinki, Cove Park and Scottish Sculpture Workshop (SSW). Each resident has the opportunity to work at Cove Park for 8 weeks before travelling to Aberdeenshire to be in residence with us for a further 8-week residency at SSW.

Jere is making interesting work with used cork and will use his time to push the material furthter, including creating specialist tools for the self-sustaining process he is creating.

Extract from the jury’s reasoning for selecting Jere: The jury was interested in the proposal of Jere to engineer prototypes for tools to expand the possibilities of the material cork, employing their skills in craft and theatre design. Jere’s existing portfolio of work is visually strong and gave the jury confidence that the residency time will foster a fruitful process.

These residencies are designed to focus upon making practices at a time of climate breakdown and are aimed at MFA alumni of the Academy of Fine Arts, particularly those working with sculptural methods or material processes. The programme supports research and the development of new work, and we are grateful to our partners and to the Saastamoinen Foundation for their support. More information on this year’s jury and the 2024 award is available on the Uni Arts Helsinki website.

The Great Blue Snatch 2023, Jere Vainio
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