DUDENDANCE Theatre – Alien Species

Join Dundendance at SSW for an informal sharing of their collaborative project Alien Species
Friday 17th November at 3pm

Dudendance in collaboration with designer Heather MacCrimmon and musician Fiona Soe Paing will spend a week at SSW developing a new outdoor landscape production with costumes inspired by what ecologists call “non-native species”. The disposable quality of modern materials is having an irreversible, devastating effect on the planet. This new landscape intervention will reference how plastic throughout the natural world is transforming the landscape into an artificial man-made environment. We want to create a juxtaposition of visual sensation – forms of beauty that transform into trash. Fiona will work on a soundscape inspired by 50’s sci-fi and manga. The challenge is to make work that has an organic feel through creating artificial alien forms.

This is a FREE and informal event hosted by Dundendance that is open to all.

Supported through:
Land Brandenburg Ministerium fur Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur
Creative Scotland




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