Ecologies in the Making: Sculpting Futures artist announcement

Iisa Lepistö (2022). Photo courtesy of the artist.

In December 2021 together with Cove Park and Uniarts Helsinki, we invited applications from Uniarts Helsinki alumni for a new, funded residency programme called Ecologies in the Making: Sculpting Futures. We are now very glad to announce that Iisa Lepistö will be travelling to Scotland in October as the recipient of this residency award. Iisa is a Helsinki-based artist and MFA graduate of Uniart’s Academy of Fine Arts. In response to being awarded this funded residency, Iisa says:

I’m very much looking forward to this residency both in Cove Park and Scottish Sculpture Workshop. My artistic practice consists of research, writing and sculpting and so I see this two-part residency as a fruitful opportunity for working.

I’m interested in the use of granite (both as research and sculpting material), which is a local material both in Finland and Scotland. I’m currently working on an essay collection on sculpture, its material issues and problems with exhibiting and I’m sure the stay in the residency will enrich its contents.

I’m looking forward to meeting new colleagues, learning more about stone sculpting and enjoying the time and space for working.

The first period of the Ecologies in the Making: Sculpting Futures residency will be hosted by Cove Park, for a period of 2 months. This will be followed by a separate but interconnected period of development and making, here at SSW in October & November 2022.

The residency selection was made by a panel including Andrew Best-Dunkley – Uniarts Helsinki, Rebecca Fortnum- Glasgow School of Art, Alexia Holt- Cove Park and Jenny Salmean- Scottish Sculpture Workshop.

You can see some of Iisa’s work and collaborations on her website: https://iisalepisto.com/

Ecologies in the Making: Sculpting Futures has been kindly supported by the Saastamoinen Foundation.

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