Goodbye to the first residents of 2018

This week saw us say goodbye to the first group of artists in our 2018 Nightshift programme. Its been a busy four weeks of researching, making work, walking on ice and exploring the hills, sweating in the sauna, eating hearty meals, learning, retreating and collaborating. We also had an artist talk and reading group hosted by visiting artist Barry Sykes, group studio visits, presentations and pot-luck meals. Artists in the first Nightshift programme of 2018 were: Sarah Demoen, Elaine Harrington, Richard Houguez , Junghun Kim, Beatrice Searle and Kate Theodre. As always we are sad to say goodbye but we are sure we will see some of you again and look forward to then!

This years nightshift programme invited the participating artists to respond to our five year EU programme Frontiers in Retreat which has explored sensitive ecological issues across Europe through a range of approaches. The Nightshift artists were encouraged to continue developing these approaches to ecology in contemporary art in way that is relevant and meaningful to their own practice.

Here is a wee taster of some of the activity that took place over the four weeks. Images are from Annie Hazelwood, Elaine Harrington, Richard Houguez and SSW.


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