Into The Mountain – A Meet

Into The Mountain: A MeetImage: Erika Stevenson

24 November 2018, 10am – 5pm
Tramway, Glasgow

Tickets available here.

Into The Mountain – A Meet brings together practitioners and enthusiasts interested in the intersections and conversations between the arts, dance, mountain and hill walking cultures. Together we will critically explore through talks, discussions and workshops, how women encounter and engage with mountainous environments, considering both historical and current perspectives of gender in relationship to landscapes.

We will also delve into the entanglements between dance, mountaineering, contemporary feminist writing, science and multiple arts practices.


The morning sessions will start with an introduction to the Into The Mountain project by Simone Kenyon. She will share motivations and experiences developed over the past 6 years of walking and working in the Cairngorms and the research that has led to this project.

Morning session: Women in the mountains
Speakers : Pammy Johal, Sam Walton, Louise Ann Wilson.
Chair: Professor Dee Heddon
Taking Nan Shepherd’s writing and her embodied relationships with the Cairngorms as a point of departure, this session introduces a multiplicity of women’s experiences in the mountains. Each speaker will present for 20 minutes before opening up the discussion to the room.

Afternoon session: The afternoon acts as a space to re-imagine our human-mountain interactions and connections by paying attention to and bringing awareness of the multiple ways in which collaborations can occur with it’s more-than-human life. The afternoon will split into 3 simultaneous workshops led by visual artist Ilana Halperin, artist, researcher and educator Heather Barnett and Laura Bradshaw, a Glasgow-based artist and movement practitioner.

Closing discussions: The day will end with a round up conversation chaired by Professor Dee Heddon and time for smaller group and individual conversations through some scheduled social time. Throughout the day there will be a selection of books and artists films presented that connect and expand upon the themes of the day.

To keep up to date with developments in the Into The Mountain project, visit the dedicated website at www.intothemountain.co.uk.

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