Programme and Communications Internship: Camille Biddell

One month into my internship at SSW, here are some snapshots of life in Lumsden. Time passes strangely – 4 weeks isn’t so long but the start feels a long time ago. Life has a different pace and is punctuated with memorable moments….

Driving up from the south, the roads get quieter and quieter, hills rise slowly and the sun spreads copper warmth on gentle peaks

Watching molten bronze pour into molds

Stealing sunny moments to swim in the river, drifting downstream in sharp water

Residents share ideas materialised in rocks, matter, clay, plaster, wood, spread across desks and animated with words

The Lonach Gathering – mainly for the outfits, and the pride, and the landscape. And also the second-hand tartan-themed clothes stall, which is fruitful, but they won’t let me enter the best dressed highlander competition

Rising early to walk before work, coffee cups guarded in cars, clean air and strong winds, sore legs before office

Sauna with window that stretches onto fields, Maija show us how the finnish way, cucumber water waiting on chairs, deep and sound sleep

Generosity of George and Judy
And a museum of motorbikes enclosed by stables
Impromptu ceilidh dancing on a sunset lawn

3 musicians in 3 hats play sounds from the desert, transported from one landscape to another

View over the landscape with a person on the horizon
Two people in tartan look at a phone
Three kilts
Girl takes a picture of the landscape
Fields of heather
Photos: Camille Biddell

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