Reshape: a bottom-up research & development project

Image: Milica Ilić & Joris Janssens, presentation -Introduction into RESHAPE: Imagining Alternatives (2018)Image: Milica Ilić & Joris Janssens, Introduction into RESHAPE: Imagining Alternatives (2018)

At the beginning of September SSW Director Sam Trotman will be in Tangier to participate in the second of seven workshops with RESHAPE; a research and development programme, that looks to reimagine and reorganise how the arts operates across a range of European and South Mediterranean contexts.

The project kicked off at the RESHAPE forum in Lublin last year. It is supported by a group of 13 intermediary organisations and supports around 40 artists and arts workers to explore and co-create concrete proposals that offer alternate ways of working in the arts. Through a series of five different thematic ‘trajectories’ participants and wider groups are collaboratively rethinking alternatives to the current arts ecosystems with specific focus on: value of art in social fabric, art and citizenship, fair governance models, transnational / postnational art practices, and solidarity funding. These interconnected trajectories look to shift to more collective practices which value fairness, solidarity, geographical sensitivity and climate justice at their heart.

Participants in RESHAPE will experiment with structures and strategies to connect across disciplines and situations, working with a range of groups on the ground to act in line with these values they champion.

Sam will be working together with the Fairer Governance trajectory group (Claire Malika Zerhouni, Virdžinija Đeković, Fatin Farhat, Martin Schick, Eduardo Bonito, Ilija Pujić and Helga Baert, facilitated by Katarina Pavić ) as well 32 other ‘Reshapers’, project partners, other trajectory facilitators as well as a range of collaborators working in the cities visited by the group. Over the coming 18 months they will develop concrete proposals towards open, inclusive and flexible governance models. This research will feed into and inform how we work and make decisions at Scottish Sculpture Workshop and more widely across the RESHAPE network and broader sectors.

The learning that takes place is shared through resources, research and information generated by the Reshapers and network partners on the RESHAPE project website and we will be sharing updates from the meetings on our website over the coming 18 months as well as creating spaces for wider voices to contribute to the discussions.

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