Size Guide: Boilersuits

We have a selection of assorted boilersuits and coveralls available to borrow. To download a pdf of the size guide (with diagram) click here.

To find your size follow these steps:

Find your chest size.
Measure around the fullest part of your chest and use the chart to find your chest size

Measurement (cm)Size
100 – 1101
111 – 1202
121 – 1303
131 – 1404
141 – 1505
151 – 1606

Find your body size.
Measure in a vertical line from where your shoulder meets your neck, to where your leg meets your body.

Measurement (cm)Size
74 – 80A
81 – 85B
86 – 90C
91 – 95D
96 – 100E

Combine the chest number with the body letter.
For example 3E or 5B.

Select your size from the dropdown menu.
If your size is unavailable select the next size up in either/both chest and body.

Leg length is generally not too important because if the boilersuit or coverall is a bit short or too long we can unroll/roll the legs. However if you have very long legs please let us know as we have some boilersuits that are much ‘longer’ than others.

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