Storytelling Lumsden

Photo: Senri Kojima

Storytelling Lumsden is a project that aims to gather, share and map the stories of the residents of Lumsden. The gathering of stories has so far involved a series of activities with local groups from different backgrounds and experiences to identify the stories that resonate with Lumsden, and to develop these creatively through writing, music and visual media.

The project is supported by Scottish Sculpture Workshop and collaborates with lead Artist Petra Vergunst, who holds a PhD in Rural Development, Lumsden Community Association, Lumsden Primary School, the dot.rural Digital Economy Hub at the University of Aberdeen and with the residents of Lumsden.

At this stage Storytelling Lumsden has been developed into 5 sub-projects which will give workshops to the local community. These are Maps, Routes and Stories, Photography Now and Then, Sculpture and Local Resources, From Sheep Stockings and Drama and Doric Recitation.

SSW are delivering workshops for Sculpture and Local Resources:

A Walk to Local Stone Quarry and Collection of Materials

Thursday 8th October 3.30pm – 5pm

SSW will lead a walk around Clova Estate. Here we will look at local resources and collect materials for the next days workshop. We will provide drinks and snacks at SSW before the walk.

Basic Stone Carving and Sculpting Workshop at SSW

Friday 9th October 3.30pm – 5pm

SSW technician and artist Eden Jolly and visiting artist Senri Nojima, a Sculptor from Japan who specialises in stone carving, will lead this afternoon workshop. We will be shown basic techniques for working with stone and have an opportunity to explore the materials we collected the previous day. Some materials will also be available for those unable to attend the walk. This is a free workshop and is suitable for everyone, however please note some tools will only be suitable for children over 8 years old.

For more information contact Yvonne at SSW on 01464 861372 or yvonne@ssw.org.uk

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