Summer Residents 2019: August

Summer Residency 2019Photo: Cam Biddell

Our second Summer Residency is well underway, beginning with a week of hot sunny days. Artists Claire Baily, Tal Gafny, Chelsea Farquhar and Romy Danielewicz have joined us on site from from Israel, Australia, London and Glasgow, alongside Open Access residents from across the UK. Below is a brief insight into the Summer Residents’ varied practices, and their plans for their forthcoming residency.

The second Summer Residency runs from 29 July — 26 August 2019.

Tal Gafny

Tal Gafny, Cold Muscles (2018) Photo: Flora Deborah

Tal Gafny
Tel Aviv, Israel

Tal’s work is concerned with processes of translation of text and narrative into images, objects and space. She says; “I test the ways in which visual-physical components can contain textual information, examining the range of expression between the enigmatic and the direct.” During her time at SSW, Tal will be working on new sculptures for a forthcoming exhibition.

Claire Baily, Skeleton Key (2018) Photo: Corey Bartle-Sanderson

Claire Baily
London, England

Claire’s sculptural practice is rooted in the intersection between craft, design and art. Materiality and process are central to her work. As manager of an art college’s casting workshop, Claire has limited time to spend on her own work, so the residency provides her the opportunity to concentrate on exploring new casting methods, including ceramic shell for bronze casting. She hopes to realise new works, informed by experimental fragments she has been developing over time.

Chelsea Farquhar, Performance for Gestures (2018) Photo: Chiranjika Grasby

Chelsea Farquhar
Adelaide, Australia

At SSW, Chelsea hopes to learn new processes in order to push her current making practice which uses clay, papier-mâché, and other materials that have a physical and material relationship to the body. She says: “I’m interested in forms that are made for hands, mouths and that are ambiguously bodily and familiar.” Her sculptures and performances engage with the viewer’s relational and phenomenological experiences. Through her research into sculpture in the expanded field, Chelsea looks for overlaps with queer experience and thought.

Romy Danielewicz, Voun Town (2019) Photo: Sally Jubb

Romy Danielewicz
Glasgow, Scotland

Romy’s practice uses speculative fiction as a starting point to formulate new ways of standing together in the face of oppressive power structures. Their recent publication, a short story called ‘Voun Town’, is the departure point for their residency. Romy plans to experiment with making ‘functional’ objects which feed into Voun Town’s narrative. As a Lumsden Residency artist, they will deliver a workshop with Lumsden Primary School students which, through making, will look at invention in an alternate universe.

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