Terms and Conditions: Firing Service

Last reviewed: December 2020


All users must treat each other, the staff, site, neighbours and local area with respect and work in line with SSW’s Shared Values Statement.


Firing Service drop off times will be confirmed via the user’s provided email address on booking. Collection dates will be confirmed via the same email address once the firing has been completed.

Whilst we will try and process work within 3 weeks of drop-off this may not be possible. Specific time requirements must be discussed and agreed with the technician in writing prior to dropping off the work.

Glazed work may take longer to process due to varying demand and will be dependent on the amount of space booked and the firing programme required.


Scottish Sculpture Workshop has put in place enhanced measures to protect our users and staff from COVID-19. These measures have been developed in line with:

  • Scottish Government, Coronavirus (COVID-19): Guidance for creative studios and shared workspaces.
  • Health Protection Scotland, Core COVID-19 Information and Guidance for General (Non-Healthcare) Settings, version 4.5.

By booking the Firing Service you are consenting to the guidelines and measures set out in the SSW COVID-19 Information Pack and agree to abide by them while on site at SSW. Scottish Sculpture Workshop will not be held liable for any exposure to COVID-19 or related harm.


We accept payment by credit card or debit card. Our card payments are securely handled by iZettle, which adheres to PCI DSS payment card industry data security standard.

Payment will be required at drop-off.

All Firing Service costs are offered in pounds sterling (£). Prices quoted are inclusive of VAT. We are registered for UK VAT. Our registration number is 384 8603 20.


These cancellation details have been updated to reflect a change in wider circumstances due to COVID-19.

This is an uncertain time and despite the protections we have put in place on site, there is a greater chance than usual that we may need to cancel your booking at short notice.

In all instances of cancellation by SSW we will endeavour to contact users with as much notice as possible, using the contact details provided by the user on booking.

If you are unable to attend because you are self-isolating or ill from COVID-19, or for any other reason then please let us know as soon as possible via email (admin@ssw.org.uk) or telephone. We will reschedule your Firing Service booking in the first instance.


SSW reserves the right to refuse any work not considered safe or viable to fire in SSW kilns.

All accepted work will be fired using the technician’s best judgement. Despite this, we cannot guarantee firing outcomes will match expected results.

SSW will strive to identify any unsuitable items for firing at the point of drop off and will offer advice in preparing items for the firing service where possible. In the instance that an item causes damage to the SSW kiln during firing, through lack of care or conscientiousness on the user’s behalf (e.g. glazes ruining kiln shelves, exploding items), the user will be liable for the associated costs to repair damages. Any such charges will be decided by the SSW Director and added to a user’s account for payment in line with invoice payment terms.

Faults in ceramic objects’ structures and glazes may result in breakages or may only become visible once firing is completed. We consider this part of the process of learning and developing a ceramics practice and we will not be held liable for any damages or faults of this nature.


We will handle your work with the utmost care and respect, but accidents do happen. This is a shared and busy workshop, and it is possible that despite our best efforts items can be broken or damaged from time to time. If an item is damaged due to an accident by the SSW team or another user we will refund the cost of your firing service but will not be held liable for any damages of this nature.


Material Safety Data Sheets must be provided by the user for any glaze not originating at SSW.


Any items dropped off for the firing service and not collected by the user within 1 month of the first agreed collection date will be deemed to be donated to the organisation unless otherwise agreed by the Senior Technician. Any work deemed donated to the organisation will be reused, recycled or disposed of at discretion of the Senior Technician.

Personal possessions, including items for firing, are brought to, left and processed on the premises at the user’s own risk and SSW is not liable for any loss, theft or damage. The organisation provides no insurance for work, equipment or materials belonging to any user.


SSW is committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming workspace and seeks to overcome physical and social barriers. Our site access information is available on our website at www.ssw.org.uk/contact or available on request from SSW Programme and Communications Manager


Scottish Sculpture Workshop has the right to substitute staff members or programme activities.

Our website

All attempts are made to ensure the information provided on www.ssw.org.uk at any time is accurate. We will not be held liable for any errors or omissions. We will use all reasonable endeavours to correct errors or omissions as quickly as practicable after becoming aware or notified of these.

The Law

These terms and conditions shall be deemed to be made in Scotland. All contracts made between Scottish Sculpture Workshop and the user shall be governed by Scots Law and any dispute arising therein shall be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the Scottish Courts.

Scottish Sculpture Workshop is a Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee, with Scottish Charity Number SC003223.

Final authority for the organisation, and in regard to the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions, rests with the Board of Trustees of SSW. Authority to take action in respect of adherence to these Terms and Conditions, and adherence to other policies of SSW such as Health and Safety, is delegated to the Director and in their absence or incapacity, in turn to the senior member of staff on site.


Any dissatisfaction with any aspect of the Firing Service can be addressed to Jenny Salmean, Scottish Sculpture Workshop, 1 Main Street, Lumsden. AB54 4JN or emailed to jenny@ssw.org.uk

Scottish Sculpture Workshop reserves the right to ask users to leave the site immediately in case of any of the above terms and conditions being disregarded. All costs incurred for the full Firing Service booking will be due and payable immediately.

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