Wood firing kiln: Workshops Week at SSW

Photo by Sam Trotman. Smoke firing ceramics by Fionn Duffy on her RSA Residency at SSW

Friday 28 April
10am – 5pm

Starting on the new moon of Workshops Week ceramic artist Matthew Wilcock will be building a Bourry Box kiln to enable wood firings to take place at SSW. The first wood firing will then happen on Friday 28 April – when the moon reveals its first quarter and festivities start to ignite for the coming of Beltane.

SSW invites you to bring your bisque fired work to SSW the day before (Thursday 27 April) where you will be able to glaze it ready for packing Thursday evening. Then join the firing from 10am on Friday during which Matthew will share how he is working to develop a more sustainable ceramics practice. The firing will be earthenware fired to 1080 Celsius and run for around 8 hours before being unpacked on Saturday morning.

We invite anyone interested in wood firings and connected to more ecological ceramics practices to join us at SSW to share and learn together in this our inaugural community wood firing.

‘I believe it is more important now more than ever before to reduce the impact our choices have on the environment. By actively choosing ceramic products over plastics we commit to the longevity of an object, not opting for a single use, throw away products. If as ceramicists we can design work to be multi generational and cross functional we can minimise the amount of virgin material being produced. By sourcing local clay we have ensured that work fired within this kiln began it’s life locally and has not accrued shippage miles. Earthenware firing the work in this kiln ensures we are only using the exact amount of fuel we need and this has also been sourced locally and this firing is not dependant on fossil fuels.’ Matthew Wilcocks

We look forward to welcoming you for a day of important conversation around the possibilities for ecological ceramics practices and an exciting and communal firing experience.

Firing in the kiln and use of glazes is free of charge in celebration of this first firing!

Thursday 27 April: Bring your Bisque-fired work to SSW and glaze it.
Friday 28 April: Wood firing starts
Saturday 29th: Work unpacked

Book a room
We have 6 rooms available should anyone be traveling from further afield and require a place to stay.
Rooms are £35 per night available Thursday or Friday evening.

Please email Joanne arts@ssw.org.uk to let us know if you are coming to the wood firing and if you require a room. We will confirm accommodation bookings on Tuesday 25 April.

Find out more about workshops week.

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