Courses: Introduction to Forge and Foundry

A pair of white hands hold a metal bar in a large flame, with tongs. The metal bar glows white with the heat.Community Making Day (2019). Photo: Felicity Crawshaw

Places: 4 (Beginners+)
Cost: £200 (course costs include tuition, materials and consumables

29 October 2022
The February course has been cancelled

Book online below or phone SSW on 01464 861372.

Further information:
Some people can be sensitive to the some of the materials used. We provide full PPE but if you have had reactions to silica, oil-based compounds, plaster or such like, please advise us beforehand.

If you have any suggestions, questions or requirements relating to accessibility at SSW, please get in touch and we will make every effort to support you to visit.

Our Courses Terms and Conditions are available here.

Drawing inspiration from the seasonal Gaelic festivals, an Introduction to Forge and Foundry takes place on the cross-quarter days of the year – the midpoints between solstices and equinoxes – and celebrates these with fire, as per tradition.

Participants in this day-long course will create two unique pieces. In the forge you will make a small pin brooch, based on those found in archaeological digs in the vicinity of Scottish Sculpture Workshop. Using the forge you will learn basic blacksmithing techniques, including hammering and drawing out. In the foundry, you will design a personal plaque, which you will cast in bronze using our furnace. You will learn the basics of sand moulds as well as work in a group to pour bronze.

Next steps after this course: Open AccessTwo-Day Blacksmithing.

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