Frontiers in Retreat: Edge Effects – Lumsden Weekender


EDGE EFFECTS – Lumsden Weekender Schedule:
Saturday 4th November
1-5pm : Mari Keski-Korsu’s Open Sauna
& Caroldson’s pop up cafe in the edge Effects Library
6pm : Bonfire and Fire-cooked food
8pm : Nic Green’s Disco Ceilidh
Sunday 5th November
1- 4 : Book Launch: Deep Mapping by Brett Bloom and Nuno Sacramento with lunch and workshop

In July 2017 Scottish Sculpture Workshop presented Edge Effects at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow. This programme brought together six artists from the Frontiers in Retreat (FiR) project (who between 2013 and 2017 undertook long-term residencies at SSW), and presented their work alongside artists from across Europe working with similar themes and issues as those explored through FiR. Across the four day Edge Effects programme artists hosted workshops, walks, films, sauna whisking and sonic performances that explored the complex co-dependencies between ecology, society, economics, and politics today.

Now SSW brings the essence of Edge Effects back to Lumsden inviting everyone to come together and experience some of the permanent work made by artists on residence. Join in the intimate and healing properties of sauna and read, dance and walk together over the bonfire weekend.

On Saturday 4th November SSW embraces the coming winter months and hosts an open sauna day in their uniquely designed sauna by Finnish artist Mari Keski-Korsu, made from local whiskey barrel staves. Make sure to bring your own towels and flip flops.

Afterwards cool down at the ever popular Caroldson’s pop up cafe for Fika (cinnamon buns and coffee) and other tasty treats. The cafe will be set up in the Edge Effects Library on site at SSW and is full of books that have inspired artists over the past five years on topics concerning everything from vision-quest to inter-species communication.

The evening’s events will kick off with the lighting of the bonfire in the fire circle that was created by USA based artist Brett Bloom for his Breakdown Break Down Camp in 2015. The bonfire will be accompanied by mulled cider, sparklers, tatties, chilli and toasted marshmallows.

To make sure we welcome the winter in true Scots style artist Nic Green will host us in an evening of music and dance for Disco Ceilidh from 8pm.

On Sunday 5th November join former SSW Director Dr Nuno Sacramento for lunch and the launch of his new book co-written with Brett Bloom. The book explores ‘Deep Mapping’ as a way of encouraging people to consider, question and explore how we inhabit landscapes and provides the ideas for radical and inclusive forms of map making. The launch will be followed by a workshop testing out Deep Mapping activities in Lumsden.

Over the winter SSW will continue to activate the ideas and themes developed within Frontiers In Retreat through their public talks programme and will host a series of public reading groups devised by contemporary artists from across the country.

To find out more about the Edge Effects programme visit:
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