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Edge Effects Library, Edge Effects: Glasgow (2017). Photo: Ross Fraser McLean / Studio RoRo

Edge Effects Library

The Edge Effects library was first presented at Edge Effects: Glasgow, before travelling to SSW for Edge Effects: Lumsden. It’s now in permanent residence in our communities room for everyone at SSW. The library is made up of a series of reading lists selected by artists and organisations involved in the Edge Effects: Glasgow programme. These include: Brett Bloom and Ximena AlarconMele Broomes
Taru ElfvingHIAP (Helsinki International Artist Programme)Interfaces for EmpathyMari Keski-Korsu
Peter McMaster
Richard Skelton
Scottish Sculpture Workshop You can download a PDF of the Reading […]

Brett Bloom

Brett Bloom is an artist, activist, writer and publisher. His main work is collaboration with the group Temporary Services (Copenhagen/ Chicago/ Philadelphia). He regularly works with ecological issues. As his contribution to the Frontiers project, Bloom organised an 11-day Camp Breakdown Break Down, held at Scottish Sculpture Workshop (SSW) in summer 2015. Made ‘Sonic Meditation’ interventions across the city of Glasgow for Edge Effects and released three publications, ‘Deep Mapping’ with Nuno Sacramento, ‘Petro-Subjectivity’ and ‘Break Down, Workbook #1’ of which the […]

Mari Keski-Korsu

Mari Keski-Korsu explores how ecological and socio-economic changes are manifested in people’s everyday lives – how a macrocosm becomes a microcosm and vice-versa. Her works are of a political nature with a humorous twist. The starting point of her work is often a location, a place and the relationship of people with it. For her contribution to FiR, Mari worked with SSW technicians to make an onsite sauna in which to hold her ‘Beat to the Balance’ project. Mari also lead Clydesdale […]

Sylvia Grace Borda

Sylvia Grace Borda is a Canadian-born artist who is interested in re-addressing public views about socio-cultural landscapes and how cultural symbols may be co-opted to form new media platforms. Sylvia is an actively engaged artist, curator, and lecturer bringing together unique partnerships that innovate in the development of social enterprises and in the support and the creation of new contemporary art platforms. She works with communities to enable them to profile their own local histories to wider public constituents through the […]

Carl Giffney

Carl Giffney‘s work as a visual artist investigates social capital through empirical and performative research, carrying out activities like mining, beekeeping and modifying cars. He works in eclectic settings which have recently ranged from sea horse farms, to churches to motorways. Physical materials play very important roles in his socially engaged practice. During his FiR residencies, Carl produced a film entitled I really don’t feel them. Part of this work was filmed during an event at SSW, WATCH THE SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE REFERENDUM RESULTS […]

Simon Yuill

Simon Yuill is an artist, writer and programmer based in Glasgow. His work includes the use of interview and research processes, film, publishing, and custom software systems. For FiR, Simon wrote four essays, which were published by SSW. ‘The Uncommonality of the Commons’ was launched during the SSW Incubator. ‘On a Proletarian Soil’ was launched during Edge Effects: Glasgow in addition to an in-conversation with Nuno Sacramento and Emma Balkind. Essays The Uncommonality of the Commons relates to themes of the commons, […]

SSW Incubator

FRONTIERS IN RETREAT SSW INCUBATOR: ‘Sitting on Eggs: What happens after the artwork?’ ‘Climate change has got to be in the hymn sheet or manifesto or charter of every citizen effort from now on and it doesn’t matter if it’s the local football club or the movement to separate the banks and close down tax havens or promote human (gay, women’s, minority) rights or save the whales or anything else you care to name. Find the angle and include it in […]

Fernando Garcia Dory

Fernando Garcia-Dory‘s work engages specifically with the relationship between culture and nature, now as manifested in multiple contexts: from landscape and the rural, to desires and expectations concerned with identity, through to (global) crisis, utopia and the potential for social change. Interested in the harmonic complexity of biological forms and processes, his work addresses connections and cooperation, from microorganisms to social systems, and from traditional art languages such as drawing to collaborative agro-ecological projects, actions, and cooperatives Framed by Frontiers […]

Edge Effects: Glasgow

Images: Ross Fraser McLean/StudioRoRo In July 2017 Scottish Sculpture Workshop presented Edge Effects Glasgow; a programme of workshops, walks, film and performance that explored the complex co-dependencies between ecological, social, economic, and political phenomena. Edge Effects mapped out artistic processes developed in response to seven international residency sites across Europe through Frontiers in Retreat and brought them together with wider artists practices to ask: What multiple forms of knowledge, discourse, and models of action would construct a viable future for humans […]

Edge Effects: Lumsden

Images: Ross Fraser McLean/StudioRoRo THE LUMSDEN WEEKENDER In the first week of November we brought the essence of Edge Effects back to SSW for the Lumsden Weekender, inviting people to come together and experience some of the permanent works made by artists on residency through Frontiers In Retreat. These works include Mari Keski-Korsu’s sauna, in which she developed her Beat to the Balance practice, Brett Bloom’s Camp Breakdown Break Down Council Circle and Bonfire, and the Edge Effects Library which […]