Lumbungsden Summer Programme July – September 2023

Knitting and Crochet circle. Led by Lumsden School

We are thrilled to share the Lumbungsden Summer Programme, taking place in the Community Making Space at SSW. Following on from our first Taster Programme, community feedback and our most recent Fly Cup event, we move into the Summer beginning to explore local materials, skills and knowledge – starting with fleece and wool.

Kicking off in July, Aberdeenshire’s shearing season, this programme will explore fleece as a versatile yet deeply undervalued material cultivated throughout the local area. In a year where fleeces are selling at an all-time low this programme hopes to build a different economic relationship with fleece – How can this material connect our local communities and help us explore our local history, culture, and natural environment?

Download this Sheep to Wool Glossary to introduce yourself to the language around fleece production.
Sheep to Wool Glossary

Taking place across Lumsden from July to September we will try out all aspects of preparing fleece together, learning about where it comes from, how it is processed and what products and artwork can be produced.

The programme kicks off during the Rural School of Economics Summer Camp and continues on into September.

The programme also includes a summer Kids Holiday Club where young people will get to design and make a new artwork for the village. Our regular Fly Cup will be an opportunity to meet together and feed into the development and direction of the community programme and the Making Sessions and Open Sessions provide time to work in the Community Making Space learning and practicing our skills.

How to take part

  • All events are free and open to all ages
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult
  • To book your free space please email our Community Arts Organiser, Mara communities@ssw.org.uk


Tuesday 11 July, 6pm – 7:30pmThe Lumbungsden Summer Programme launch
Wednesday 12 July, 3.30pm – 5pmDraw and Sculpt Lumsden
Wednesday 12 July, 6.30pm onwardsCommunity Dinner and Karaoke
Thursday 13 July, 2pm – 5.30pmSheep Shearing Demonstration and Fleece Processing Workshop
Saturday 15 July, 1pm – 5pmCommunity Wool Processing Day & Makers Gathering
Sunday 23 July, 11am – 1pmFly Cup
Tues 25 – Fri 28 July, 10am – 1pmKids Holiday Club
Tues 25 – Fri 28 July, 2pm – 4pmOpen Session
Fri 11 & Sat 12 August, 2pm – 4pmOpen Session
Sunday 13 August, 11am – 2pmMaking Session: Introduction to Natural Dyeing part 1
Sunday 27 August, 11am – 2pmMaking Session: Introduction to Natural Dyeing part 2
Sunday 3 September, 11am – 2pmMaking Session: Introduction to Natural Dyeing continued
Sunday 17 September, 11am – 1pm Fly Cup
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