Rural School of Economics Public Programme

11 – 15 July

Photo by Felicity Crawshaw

Weaving throughout the *Rural School of Economics Summer Camp is a series of workshops and events open to all. This includes the launch of the Lumbungsden Summer Programme, a series of workshops to introduce working with wool including regular sessions in washing, carding and dyeing fleeces getting them ready for making over the winter months.

How to take part

  • All events are free and open to all ages
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult
  • To book your free space please email our Community Arts Organiser, Mara communities@ssw.org.uk

The Lumbungsden Summer Programme launch
Tuesday 11 July
6pm – 7:30pm
Community Making Space

To celebrate the launch of the new summer programme we invite you to join Myvillages and SSW to hear about the programme of learning and making sessions coming up over the summer as well as the Kids Holiday Club and events taking place as part of the Rural School of Economics Summer Camp.

Rather than cutting a ribbon to announce the opening we will take time to lay a path of wool fleece to connect us together with the material and to each other. If you received some fleece in advance, please bring this along with you. 

The launch will coincide with the arrival of guests to the Rural School of Economics Summer Camp and will be a good opportunity to meet with the artists staying at SSW for the week.

Drinks and snacks will be provided. 
Open to all – Children should be accompanied by an adult.

Draw and Sculpt Lumsden
Wednesday 12 July
3.30pm – 5pm
Community Making Space

Join artists from the Rural School of Economics Summer Camp to draw or sculpt (using clay) a special place to you in Lumsden. This will be a chance to share with others the places you enjoy in the village and to sit together undertaking collective drawing and making. The sketches created will be displayed in the Community Making Space throughout the summer.

All drawing and making materials provided. 
Open to all – Children should be accompanied by an adult.

Community Dinner and Karaoke
Wednesday 12 July
6.30pm onwards
Lumsden Village Hall

Come along to the Lumsden Village Hall to enjoy a free community dinner followed by a chance to sing your heart out in this lively and fun community evening. The gathering is a chance for villagers and folks from the surrounding areas to hang out and make friends as well as enjoy delicious food together with members of the Rural School of Economics Summer Camp.

Food is free and will involve a communal effort.
Open to all – Children should be accompanied by an adult.

Sheep Shearing Demonstration and Fleece Processing Workshop
Thursday 13 July
2pm – 5.30pm
SSW Yard and Community Making Space

Come long to the SSW courtyard to meet Jimmy and Kate from the Croft of Blairwick, who will be shearing some of their flock. Kate and Jimmy will talk about their croft and what they do there. They will also introduce the different sheep they have and the ways in which they manage them.

Following the shearing we will work with Marguerite from Westfield Croft to learn how raw fleece is processed. This is a hands-on workshop that will delve into all aspects of processing wool and will provide the basic skills we need to work with the fleece over the coming months.

Alongside the workshop and demonstration there will be a workshop specifically for children to design their own ‘sheep’ haircuts. These stylish ‘sheep’ will be displayed throughout the village following the session. This workshop will be led by artist Tyler Lewis. 

The event is free and refreshments will be provided.
Open to all – Children should be accompanied by an adult.

Community Wool Processing Day & Makers Gathering
Saturday 15 July
1pm – 5pm
SSW Yard

Building on and testing out the wool processing skills learnt on Thursday this afternoon is a chance to work together to wash, pick and card wool for use over the coming months.
Processing wool takes community effort and we look forward to welcoming people of all skill levels to join this collective endeavor.

Alongside these practical, hands-on sessions will be a range of local makers and producers sharing information about what they do and sharing some of their wares.

The event is free and refreshments will be provided.
Open to all – Children should be accompanied by an adult.

*What is the Rural School of Economics Summer Camp?

The Rural School of Economics Summer Camp will bring together local, national and international artists to explore the idea of energy – both community energy and energy such as oil, gas and electricity and its impact on communities. Interweaving throughout this camp is a public programme made up of community events at the Community Making Space and the Village Hall.

Throughout these shared events we’ll discuss what brings our communities together, what role materials play in creating a place, and how they can impact and improve our rural economy & communities.

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