Paper kiln firing

Raku firing at SSW photo by Sam Trotman

Friday 1 December
6pm – 8pm

Join us at SSW for an evening of food and fire celebrating the end of our Building the Clay Commons week. The evening will kick off in the SSW yard with the lighting paper kilns packed with mugs made earlier in the week. The evening will be a chance to see what has been happening throughout the week, meet artists and enjoy food and fire together.

Paper kilns will be lit at 6pm accompanied by a toast to the kiln gods. Paper kilns are ovens made from paper and clay, which will have your work packed inside, and a fire is lit underneath. This will provide a lovely smokey surface to your work (and a warm fire to huddle round).

Food will be available from 6.30pm.

This event is part of Eva’s PhD research, ‘Building the Clay Commons’, exploring the potential of clay to support communities.

How to take part

  • All events are free and open to all ages
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult
  • To book your free space please email our Community Arts Organiser, Mara communities@ssw.org.uk
  • Events take place in the Community Making Space, SSW, 1 Main Street Lumsden
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