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Edge Effects Library, Edge Effects: Glasgow (2017). Photo: Ross Fraser McLean / Studio RoRo

Edge Effects Library

The Edge Effects library was first presented at Edge Effects: Glasgow, before travelling to SSW for Edge Effects: Lumsden. It’s now in permanent residence in our communities room for everyone at SSW. The library is made up of a series of reading lists selected by artists and organisations involved in the Edge Effects: Glasgow programme. These include: Brett Bloom and Ximena AlarconMele Broomes
Taru ElfvingHIAP (Helsinki International Artist Programme)Interfaces for EmpathyMari Keski-Korsu
Peter McMaster
Richard Skelton
Scottish Sculpture Workshop You can download a PDF of the Reading […]

Edge Effects

Frontiers in Retreat was a five-year collaborative project that fostered multidisciplinary dialogues on ecological questions within a European network formed around artist residencies. The project set out to examine processes of change in particular, sensitive ecological contexts within Europe, to reflect them in relation to each other and to develop new approaches to the urgencies posed by them. Edge Effects marked the conclusion of Frontiers in Retreat. Edge Effects were presented as a series of eight satellite exhibitions across Europe from […]