Courses: Iron Intensive

2 people bend down to tip a large crucible of molten iron into a series of moulds. It is dark and the orange glow from the iron reflects on their visors, helmets and leather jackets. Two others lean in to observe, also wearing full PPE. In the background the barrel-like iron furnace spews sparks and a powerful green flame from the top.Iron pour at SSW's 40th anniversary celebrations (2019). Photo: Felicity Crawshaw

Places: 4 (Beginners+)
Cost: £650 residential / £550 non-residential (includes tuition, materials and consumables)

29 August – 2 September 2022

Booking: Book online below or phone SSW on 01464 861372.

Further information:
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This unique course draws from SSW’s 30 year history of working with iron.

Over the week, participants will learn how to produce sand moulds suitable for iron casting.

You will learn the rudiments of furnace design; how the furnace works and how to run it safely, how to spot possible problems and how to rectify them, preparation of the furnace, ladles and pour consumables, and of course the essential aspects of health and safety.

Then, with support of our technician, participants will work together to run our short stack cupolette furnace, “Sputnik” and pour your moulds. Following the pour and cleanup there will be time to work on the finished casts with an opportunity to try patina and other finishing techniques.

Next steps after this course: Open Access


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