RESHAPE: Governance of the Possible

Over the past 2 years SSW Director Sam Trotman has been working with over 40 other artists/ cultural workers and 12 partners organisations from across Europe and the Southern Mediterranean in RESHAPE. RESHAPE aims to develop collaborative, bottom-up research that proposes ways to transition towards a fairer arts ecology with a specific focus on fair governance.

Working in collaboration with Helga Baert (Direction – WPZimmer) and Martin Schick (artist and Cultural Manager bluefactory), informed by a wide range of artists, arts workers and local initiatives they have developed a proposal entitled Governance Of The Possible (GOTP) which explores collective governance practices within a new paradigm.

GOTP forms just one of the many prototypes created through the Reshape network. Others focus on solidarity economics, trans/ post national practices, new civic imaginings, the value of art in society and evaluation. These have now been compiled alongside a series of related essays and ideas into a workbook to reimagine the art world.

We are glad to share this work and are hugely grateful to all the Reshapers, Project Partners and Creative Europe who have made this possible.

Dive in and explore Governance of the Possible, among other prototypes, here – https://reshape.network/

Read more about Sam’s involvement in RESHAPE in this blog post from last year.

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