Rural School of Economics Summer Camp: Who has the energy? Open call to take part

Photo by Felicity Crawshaw

The deadline for expressions of interest has now passed.

SSW and Myvillages are calling out for participants to join the 4 day Rural School of Economics Summer Camp from 12 – 16 July to explore material and immaterial ENERGY and how it shapes our cultural work.

The Camp will bring together local, national and international perspectives on this theme and together we will learn by doing – walking, drawing, listening, discussing and testing, following the motto of the Rural School of Economics: knowledge is made by many, by humans and non-humans, it lies in our hands, in our heads, in our hearts and between us.

The four days will be a mix of trips, talks, walks, workshops, dinners and cultural action and will include contributions from Kathrin Böhm and Wapke Feenstra from the Rural School of Economics (Myvillages), members from ruangrupa, and the Lumbung network which continues the practice of documenta fifteen, the Be Part network, Rachel Grant (Fertile Ground) and SSW.

Interweaving throughout the Rural School of Economics Camp will be a Lumbungsden public programme made up of community events that will push forward the work taking place at a local level over the coming year including practical workshops and evening dinners in the village hall that provide a space for folks to meet, share and connect.

The Camp call out is open to artists, makers and cultural/ environmental practitioners either from or based within the North East of Scotland or those who have strong connections to this area.

Deadline for application: 27th June, midday
Successful applicants will be notified by: 30th June
(Details about how to apply, further down the page)

More About the Rural School of Economics Camp from MyVillages:
‘Zooming in on a range of apparent and less apparent energy sources in Aberdeen and the Shire, the Camp addresses the connections between; the economics of oil and everyday culture, rural practices and cultural desires, and social energy in a caring multispecies world. A feminist approach to energy systems puts care and dependency relations at the centre of energy redistribution schemes, aiming to provide sufficient energy for well-being rather than profit or productivity.

Side-stepping the trap of naturalised binary oppositions (nature/culture, for profit/not for profit, good/bad), the Camp is looking at energy from multiple perspective. Energy is an important material resource and it is also a way of talking about how we want to work, which efforts and values to honour and sustain.

“Energy signifies that which flows through systems, through ecologies, through bodies and organisms. What we do with our energy, how we know it, count it, govern it, and use it (or not!) shapes the possibilities for our future.”
Cara New Daggett in ‘The Birth of Energy”, Duke University Press 2019

The Rural School of Economics Summer Camp is local in the sense that it focuses on the particular conditions and realities of SSW within the village of Lumsden  Aberdeenshire, as a starting point for localised, transformative cultural practice.

To situate the themes and practices at SSW within a wider multi-local and international context, guests are invited to input with their localised experience, to open up opportunities for trans-local learning and connection making’.

Practical information
The Camp will take place from 12 – 16 July and will involve a full day programme each day taking place predominantly at SSW and Lumsden Village Hall as well as a day trip into Aberdeen. We will also spend time outside and so you should be prepared for all weathers. The Camp is free to attend and we will cover all meals and accommodation costs over the 4 days.

We have a small budget to cover some local travel within Aberdeenshire if this cost would otherwise be a barrier to your attendance in the Camp.

If you have any access related questions and would like to discuss these in advance of submitting an application please email Jo on arts@ssw.org.uk.

Before applying please take time to read the information above and please submit a short expression of interest (EOI), no more than one page or 500 words (or 2 minutes of audio), outlining why you would like to take part in the Summer Camp and why it is of interest to you.

EOI are to be submitted on our online form, where you will answer a series of questions including:
– Personal information
– Expression of interest (written or audio)

Along with the following additional information which will not be shared with the selection panel:
– any dietary requirements or allergies you have
– whether you require accommodation
– A link to our Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion monitoring form to be completed

Applications will be selected by the SSW team and Myvillages.

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