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Artist-Led Exchange Event – Roos Dijkhuizen

Roos Dijkhuizen has been on residency at SSW the past month experimenting and creating a series of objects inspired by local symbology that can also be used to create an ensemble of sounds. Roos would like to invite you to the workshop on Thursday 6th of July to share and explore how these objects can be played in a collective group, considering the works as tools to respond to your environment and finding your own rhythms in the landscape. The […]

Looking down into the quarry

Kemnay Quarry

One of the advantages of being part of the Aberdeen Granite Panel is that occasionally we get invited to the most interesting places. Last week, SSW staff Silja and Emily visited the Kemnay Quarry and Brickworks. We were not quite sure what to expect and very much enjoyed the rich visual impact, from the old machinery and new robotics to the quarry itself.

a' the best fa' SSW

                      SSW has had a very busy year – from the opening of the Talking Wall in March, to the celebrating granite with Sean Lynch during the Granite Festival, and working with all the artists in the Natural Bennachie project as part of the Year of Natural Scotland 2013. Coming up in 2014 we have a packed year of projects, residencies and workshops. First up are Helle Bjerregaard, Jane Brucker,¬†Catharina […]

The most beautiful house in the world is the one that you build yourself.

The most beautiful house in the world is the one that you build yourself.

Huntly Halloweeen – Get Ready to Flashmob!

As everyone gathers at the Castle grounds, turn on your phones and play this new track from Olid Nordhausen…. The Indifference of a Benevolent God Huntly Halloween mp3 Please right click the link above to download.