The Community Making Space Opens

SSW Community Making Space opens its doors with the Lumbungsden* project launch by Myvillages
Saturday 3 December, 2022

Please join us as we open our new Community Making Space and introduce Lumbungsden, our collaborative project with artists Myvillages and their ongoing and multi-local Rural School of Economics.

The day will celebrate a new community making space for Lumsden, which will be shaped by local interests and groups over the coming 6 months. The programme, look and future development are to be decided by everyone who wants to share creative ideas and activities with the wider community.

The space is set in the former bakery shop front and most recently the SSW office, with a large window to the road, a small tea kitchen and areas for making and socialising. Until June 2023 the space will be a test site for a broad range of ideas from the local community and groups.

What will happen on the day?
1pm -7pm – Come along for tea and cake and take a look around the new space. What could happen here? What would you like to do or see? Find out more about our plans for running the space and how you can be part of it. As the night begins to draw in we will switch the SSW lights on and celebrate this new space together. 

Please let us know you are coming so that we have enough cake! Email arts@ssw.org.uk.

Myvillages describes *Lumbungsden:
“Lumbungsden” merges “Lumsden” and “Lumbung” . “Lumbung” was the motto for the 2023 documenta, one of the most influential international art events that takes place every 5 years in Kassel, Germany. “Lumbung” is an Indonesian term and means “shared rice barn”. The word was introduced by the collective Ruangrupa, the curatorial team behind this documenta. Sharing art, community and food was very important, and we want to continue “Lumbung” by bringing the motto to Lumsden = Lumbungsden.

We would especially like to thanks our funders who support SSW and have made the Community Making Space possible:

Aberdeenshire Council
Bently Foundation
Creative Scotland
Hugh Fraser Foundation 
Kildrummy Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund and Foundation Scotland
William Grant Foundation
William Syson Foundation

The programme is supported by BE PART, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

As well as Collective Architecture, Coldwells Building Company, Jane Robertson and the SSW team.

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