Summer Residents 2019: July

Summer Residency 2019_iron pour

Welcome to our first Summer Residency group of 2019! Just now everything is erupting into green and it’s light throughout the night from the summer solstice.

At this time, we welcome artists from as far as Canada and South Korea, and as local as Crieff, Scotland to our site in Aberdeenshire. Through residency we support the development of diverse practices and interests, fostering conversation and exchange. Here we share an insight into the artists’ practices and plans for residency below.

The first Summer Residency runs from 17 June — 15 July 2019.


Emelie CarlénEmelie Carlén
Copenhagen, Denmark

Working across text, sound, film and steel, Emelie’s un-fixed sculptural installations derive from using her artistic research as a script. Her sculptures can be read as actors in a scene, “discursive carriers to bring forward different arguments in the unfolding discussion within the installation”. On residency, Emelie has explored various casting processes, learning how to cast with iron and aluminium.


Robyn Cumming
Robyn Cumming
Ontario, Canada

Robyn’s current practice explores the sinister, unseen and hostile flip side of natural landscapes, with a focus on sites in which crimes occur or conclude. Drawing comparisons and parallels between being a lone woman in rural landscapes with city living, she is interested in how “our bodies influence and threaten the landscape, as well as how the landscape might impose upon and usurp us”.  Through residency she has been considering ‘feminine’ gesture and poses, deconstructing female bodies and experimenting with references to the natural world, to subvert depictions of women in landscapes.


Jing XieJing Xie
Glasgow, Scotland

On residency, Jing will explore the relationship of objects and materials to bodies; real, machine and prosthetic, to consider how a space can be divided and connected through bodies of different materials. Taking cyborgs as an ambiguous state of identity which can cross social and physical boundaries, she is interested in how this can be understood from a feminist perspective.


Ki Dong Kwon Ki Dong Kwon
Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Ki Dong is a painter, whose work focuses on the interaction between natural and artificial surroundings. Drawing on his personal experiences growing up on the southern part of the Korean peninsula, Ki Dong has a particular interest in the process of modernisation and capitalisation and the effects of this on rural communities. Whilst on residency at SSW, Ki Dong will explore parallels between the local landscape here in Lumsden with those in South Korea.


Sally RickettSally Rickett
Crieff, Scotland

Having spent time at SSW through courses and open access, Sally applied for residency to spend a concentrated period on the development of her practice. With a focus on sculpting the human head, Sally wants to experiment and develop new techniques and expressive mark making. She has spent time on residency testing new materials, such as plaster and bronze, to open up her sculptures for other interpretations and understandings.


Coral Brookes Coral Brookes
Margate, England

Coral’s practice, “draws on the language of artefacts, design objects, construction an cartoon motion, to explore tensions between functionality and fictionality, play and productivity”. As a Lumsden Residency artist, Coral developed and shared two sessions with Lumsden Primary School pupils whilst on residency to explore ideas of artefacts and personal histories towards the making of a ‘time capsule’ at our 40th anniversary celebration in November. You can read more about what she got up to on residency here.

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