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During the winter months at SSW activity slows down. At this time we invite a limited number of artists to the residency programme to make/develop work pertaining to a particular theme.

The 2016/17 Nightshift Residency

This years Nightshift residency pulls on the theme of ‘Leaving a trace’ within an arts practice.

Throughout art history, mark making has been an important focus for artists and has been explored both physically and conceptually. Some put pressure on the tactile mark, creating distinctive line and textures, which become the recognisable characteristics of their works; others create sculptures of legacy, sometimes on a monumental scale; some cast precious or ephemeral objects in bronze so that they live on; and some artists challenge these concepts all together by refusing to work with physical materials, attempting to be as environmentally light as possible.

For some time, SSW has been working on projects that explore the balance between materials, making and thinking. Turf to Tools would be a fine example, looking at ancient processes of making, the land and its available materials and celebrating the skill which can be involved in making.

Other SSW projects have had a heavier focus on sustainable and responsible art practices. The last year in particular we have been looking at the potential role of art as a means for developing social change. In March this year we hosted FIR Incubator: ‘Sitting On Eggs: What Happens After The Artwork?’ asking: What happens after the artworks are finished? What change has taken place? What have we learned and how does this learning process extend to others?

As we near the end of the year, SSW invites four artists per session, to participate in a residency programme, that further explores some of the intentions and approaches to these themes within a visual arts practice.

Artists applying to this residency programme should demonstrate an interest in working within this context whether it is a current focus in their work or an approach to making they would like to experiment with during the residency period. Either way we encourage artists to interpret the theme of Leaving a trace in a way that is relevant and beneficial to their own practice. This residency is self-led but those selected to participate in the programme will come together through a series of events and activities to consider, discuss, and make works exploring this theme.

The programme format includes introductory presentations, bi-weekly studio critiques, film- screenings and a reading group with texts curated around the current theme.

SSW is a making and thinking facility offering the time, space, support and facilities to artists from all backgrounds to develop their practice, with an emphasis on experimentation and exploration of sculpture within the expanded field. Although our facilities and workshops are mainly equipped for sculptural practice and making, we encourage applications from artists working in any discipline including but not limited to: performance, sound, drawing, painting, photography, writing, curatorial, participatory/socially engaged practice and sculpture.

Residency I: 14th November – 19th December 2016
Residency II: 16th January – February 20th 2017

Duration: 5 weeks

Criteria: open to all visual artists, maximum of four artist accepted/session

Cost to Artist: £550 per 5 week residency.

Application Deadline: Application for nov-dec 2016/ jan- feb 17 NOW PASSED.

Application: please submit the following Documentation:

  • SSW Application Form
  • A cover letter stating your intent and reasons for applying to the SSW programme(500 words max.)
  • A short statement regarding your work (500 words max.)
  • Up to date resume/CV
  • A digital portfolio (4 – 6 work samples, e.g. images, text samples or links to online content)

All supporting documentation should be within one PDF document no larger than 6MB.Applications should be emailed to yvonne@ssw.org.uk, and should have the title of the residency programme in the subject heading.

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