Group Residency 2022-23

A view of the foundry looking out the large doors to the hills. The bright sunshine outside makes the inside very dark. Equipment and benches catch the light a little. Outside the iron furnace, forge and various parts sit in the yard.a view out of the dark foundry to the hills beyond. Photo: Amy Pickles

Deadline for applications: Thursday 18 August 2022, 1pm BST
**Please note this deadline has been extended**

Group residency at SSW offers artists dedicated time and support for the development of their practice. Coming together on our rural site in north-east Scotland, up to 6 artists live and work alongside each other for four weeks at a time. We are currently inviting applications for 2 residency groups in November 2022 and January 2023. 

Residency at SSW is experimental, collective and supported by SSW’s skilled team. We have written a little about what to expect from residency at SSW here. The combination of access to facilities and workshops with peer exchange and learning is unique and offers lots of possibilities in the development of your practice. With this, the programme is particularly suited to artists who;

  • want to test out new ideas or directions in their work
  • are interested in connecting with materials and processes in our workshops
  • are seeking connection with other artists
  • value open-ended and experimental approaches to making

Throughout the residency we facilitate a loose structure of optional group activity, including studio sharings, meals, walks, saunas and workshops, to build connection and conversations between the group.

If you want to fabricate work, have a set outcome or project to work on, Open Access is more suitable for these needs.

Who can apply?

We welcome applications from artists who are;

  • at any stage in their practice
  • working in any form/medium/discipline

Artists do not need to have attended residency before, do not need to have undertaken formal arts training (we believe experience is gained in many ways, including through lived experience), or be familiar with workshop environments.

The residency groups are formed carefully to bring together artists with diverse practices, experiences and from different geographic locations. This offers artists a chance to meet others working in different contexts and to make new connections. 


Artists pay £480 per four-week residency.

This cost is substantially subsidised by SSW with the support of Creative Scotland’s Regular Funding for Organisations (RFO) to the value of over £1000 per artist.  

The cost includes accommodation, access to facilities and technical/programme support. The cost does not include materials, consumables, firings, food or travel.

We can provide letters of support for artists selected for residency who would like to apply for additional funding.


Group 1:
No longer running – see update
Group 2:
21 November – 16 December 2022
Group 3:
16 January – 10 February 2023

How to apply

We want your experience of applying to residency at SSW to be straightforward and accessible.

We have a simple application process, in which we want to understand: Why do you want to come on Group Residency at SSW?

Apply in a format that is comfortable for you – writing, voice memo/audio or video. We have no preference and will only consider the content of the application, not its production.

There is information in the Application Pack to support you to make your best application – please read or listen to this carefully.

We can accept applications via online form or via email to jenny@ssw.org.uk.


Application pack | Audio version

Frequently Asked Questions | Audio version

Apply online | Application questions | Equalities Monitoring form

We have other formats available on request. If you would like a hard copy, large print, pdf, word or dyslexia friendly version, please contact us before 12 August (5 August for hardcopies).


We welcome access riders and/or informal conversations prior to and throughout the residency about what you need to work and live comfortably on site at SSW. 

We understand ‘access’ to be what you need to be able to participate in the residency comfortably and safely. These needs may be physical, for example different heights of workstations or access to quiet space. They may be cultural, for example connections with different groups or organisations in the area, or space for worship. Needs may include communication requirements (email, text, phone), translated documents or space for your family (bio/chosen), an ally, support worker or travel buddy to stay. These are just a few examples, and we encourage you to get in touch before you apply, to discuss what we can put in place to support your participation in residency.

Contact Jenny Salmean on jenny@ssw.org.uk / 01464 861372 with any questions or to discuss access to residency.  


Please read our most recent Covid-19 update for details on how we are managing the risk from Covid-19 on site at SSW. We will continue to update our guidelines to reflect the circumstances when the residency takes place.


We advise all artists travelling from outwith the UK to check current guidance on visas before travelling to SSW. SSW is not liable for any costs related to visas, including if you are denied entry to the country. 

As per current guidance (May 2022) creative workers including ‘professional artists’ from non-visa national countries can travel to the UK for artists’ residency without requiring a visa. If you plan to undertake paid work while here on residency we advise you check current guidance to see if this is legally permitted. We cannot provide visa sponsorship for artists coming on Group residency at this time.

Visa nationals are required to apply for a UK visitor visa to attend artists’ residency. There is more information on visas for artists visiting the UK on Arts Infopoint UK.


If you have any questions about the residency programme or SSW please contact SSW’s Programme & Communications Manager, Jenny Salmean on jenny@ssw.org.uk or phone +44 (0)1464 861372 and leave a message so we can get back to you.

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